ShowcallerThis is the start of a series we’re running called Every Role a Starring Role. There’s often a little misunderstanding in what goes into event planning. So, we thought we would shed some light on a few of the people behind the roles that help make your events shine.

The first role we’d like to take a look at is the Showcaller. This is the person who’ll run your ship on the day. The Showcaller holds the show together. They often sit with the technical staff during the conference or award ceremony and ensure that the musical and lighting cues are fired at the right time. They also make sure that the video before the cue is on time and at the right place in the script. Is the right microphone on for the MC to introduce the video? That’s the kind of question the Showcaller will answer.

Good events happen though strong communication, and the Showcaller is the person who communicates to the whole technical team, front of house staff, catering and the entertainment — ensuring they all know what’s required and when.

We love working with great Showcallers at Moments That Wow as they really are essential to ensuring that everyone knows where they should be, and what they should be doing during the show. They really help ensure that our clients’ events run perfectly.

Here's a video from Grease Live that should help show you what a Showcaller does. Here the Associate Director is calling cameras for the live broadcast, she has to count down in time to the music to ensure the correct camera is selected at the right time.

In addition to this there would also be a stage manager calling the same cues, but for on stage action, they would make sure the dancers, props and lighting cues are in sync with the camera action, but we hope this gives you a better understanding of what a Showcaller does when they are on site for your events.  

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