It’s important for any HR Manager to find a way to promote continuous improvement within their organisation. However, it’s often hard to acknowledge this and generate enough interest with your staff.

The best way we have seen to achieve this is by holding an awards night — celebrating the achievements of your workforce by holding a ceremony dedicated to their hard work.

Your workforce is sure to be motivated if they know they can look forward to a Gala party thrown for them. Also from employee engagement, what better way to showcase your amazing talent in-house than giving them the spotlight for the day.

We have also worked with clients who have leveraged the cost of having a venue and production for the day to hold two events. One during the day for internal staff, to recognise their achievements. Then once in the evening to host a gala dinner for a targeted list of clients and business partners. It’s a great way to help promote the business and impress your clients.

This way it’s possible to share the cost against the marketing and HR budget, and to only take senior members out of the business for one day, rather than two, or more.

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