Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that it doesn’t take me too long to bring up my love for all things Disney. I’m never happier then when I’m planning my next holiday to a Disney Park somewhere in the world. So far, I’ve been to parks in Florida, California and Paris (and spent my honeymoon aboard the Disney Fantasy in the Caribbean). I still have yet to visit the parks in Asia, so currently planning a visit to Japan, Hong Kong and China to complete the set.

While I love nothing more than relaxing my way down Main Street USA, it’s had a profound effect on my professional life. You see, my first ever trip to Walt Disney World was the inspiration behind why I wanted to work in the events industry. 

It was 2002, during “100 Years of Magic” — a celebration of Walt Disney’s 100th birthday. The resort was celebrating the legacy of Walt Disney and his films, and his vision for the parks. I was inspired from the get go by the sheer scale and size of the resort, but also the attention to detail, every facet is planned out and executed to such a high level. I was hooked and wanted to know more about how and why he was so driven to create “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

I spent many hours researching behind the scenes of the resorts, the creative process of the people who bring the attractions, parade and shows to life. I read books about “The Disney Difference” — the way Disney pioneered its world-renowned customer service.

I could go on and on. Nobody does it like Disney, and this inspired me. I wanted to bring the “magic” to life anyway that I could, so found myself gravitating towards the live event industry.

I love nothing more than watching people’s expressions as they experience an event in person; the way people’s eyes light up when they first walk into a room and see the set, stage and lighting. I love the way music can bring back memories and emotions for people, or when guests watch the opening video (or in Disney Speak the Pre-Show) and get inspired for the day ahead.

These are all skills and things that the Disney Parks do on a daily basis, and the inspiration I use to help ensure that all the events I work on are as impactful as possible, for my clients, and for the guests of the event.

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